Simple Back Acne Home Remedies

While most people find facial acne as a very distressing skin condition, some consider back acne as an equally troublesome disorder. Back acne, otherwise known as “bacne”, share the same causes as facial acne. Considered as one of the most common skin-related conditions, back acne is the result of oil, dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria clogging the skin pores. Stress, some medications (birth control pills), and oily foods are believed to contribute to its formation. There are a good number of back acne home remedies available that can help you win the fight against skin breakouts found on the back.

> One of the important back acne home remedies that you should remember is to keep your back clean as much as possible. Be sure to keep your back free from sweat. This simply suggests that every after perspiring activity, take a bath immediately. Again, make sure that your back is sweat-free.

> Choose a shower soap that has the acne-fighting substance called salicylic acid. Remember though that soaps containing salicylic acid may be too harsh for the private area, so be sure to use a milder soap for that.

> For moderate to severe back acne, a small amount of Benzoyl peroxide may be applied once a day after taking a bath, or as ordered by the physician. Let the medication to remain on the skin for at least 30 minutes. Always start with the lowest strength and unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, never use more than five percent strength of the solution.

> Try using astringent pads that help lift off dead skin cells and left-over dirt that can clog the pores. Look for the acne-busting substance called glycolic acid for a product that truly works.

> Never use oil-based lotions and creams on your back. You don’t want to put more oil to an already oily skin, do you?

For some people, simple back acne home remedies are all that’s needed to get rid of mild to moderate breakouts. If you’re among those people who have a mild case of back acne, try the above mentioned back acne home remedies first before resorting to more serious treatments.

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