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What Is Eye Strain – The Fundamental Information

Eye Strain Definition

Eye strain is a medical condition wherein tension is concentrated on the motor function of the eyes. This condition can result from several factors, but among the common causes are prolonged computer use, reading, and visual activities that require too much focusing. And if the eye muscles are always overused, it can be subjected to further damage; hence, eyeglasses or surgical procedure may be prescribed just to improve the visual acuity of the individual.

Many individuals who complain of symptoms of eye strain feel soreness or pain in the periorbital area of the eye. Also, dryness and droopy eyelids are common manifestations of individuals with eye strain. Blurred vision and headaches may as well accompany the conditions. Just like any muscles of the body, the eye muscles tend to get tired when frequently used, this result to manifestations of the different signs and symptoms of eye strain.

Eye strain can be prevented if one would find time to rest the eyes for several minutes once in a while. As advised, always be conscious in using your eyes and avoid overusing them in order to avoid eye strain symptoms. In fact, some of us use eye drops to moisturize the eyes and reduce the chances of eye strain.

On the other hand, certain kinds of lighting might also add to eye strain. According to several researches and studies, when the eyes are exposure to lights for long period of time, eyes strain may probably occur. In offices or work spaces, it is advised to have proper lighting with the use of incandescent lamps in order to lessen the possibilities of eye strain.

Eye Strain Exercises

A number of eye exercises have been utilized that might help alleviate eye strain. One exercise is called palming. For 3-4 minutes, try to cover your eyes with the use of your palms. To alleviate the tiredness of the eyes, try to repeat the exercise many times. Closing our eyes for about ten seconds is one way to lessen the possibilities of eye strain; repeat the procedure until you feel relief. These eye exercises are really helpful, plus convenient in a way that we can do these in anyplace at anytime we want. Also, one good benefit of eye exercise is that, it helps lubricate our eyes and prevents it from becoming dry.

To prevent eye strain, it important to have proper eye care.

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