Complying With Vitamin B12 Dosage

Dosage is important because some drugs or active components can be toxic or can induce untoward reactions if taken in excess. When it comes to vitamin B12 dosage, however, overdosing is not as risky because it has no “Tolerable Upper Intake Level” (UL ) having no serious side effects most of the time.
As expected, vitamin B12 dosage can be influenced by certain factors such as age, the medical condition of the person and the vitamin B12 form that is being administered. How will these factors influence vitamin B12 dosage?
1. Everyone needs vitamin B12 because it plays a vital role in cell metabolism. Newborn to 3 years old only need less than 1 mcg. As a person gets older, however, the need for vitamin B12 also increases as more complicating medical conditions set in . These medical conditions definitely make the absorption of the vitamin more complicated.
2. Prevalence of Vitamin B12 deficiency due to its poor absorption in the digestive tract will necessitate an increase in the dosage. Some complicating medical conditions leading to mal-absorption syndromeare: pernicious anemia; presence of bacteria and parasites ; folic acid deficiency; gastro-intestinal pathology, dysfunction or surgery; and dysfunctional pancreas.
3. The vitamin B12 dosage for oral tablets or capsules and nasal sprays are usually higher because only a small fraction of this can be absorbed and can reach the bloodstream. In treating pernicious anemia and chronic fatigue which requires higher dosages for immediate effects, the injectable preparations are frequently used. The use of injection will pump the level of the vitamin in the bloodstream fast. The use of Vitamin B12 in injection form is commonly used to start a therapy for serious ailments associated with vitamin B12 deficiency. Oral therapy is usually adopted as a second phase therapy after the vitamin has been stored through the initial injection therapy. For the time being, there is really no satisfactory explanation yet as to how the vitamin B12 in a skin patch form can be absorbed by the skin.
Despite the fact that overdosing is infrequent, caution must still be exercised in taking non-prescription vitamin B12 forms like the orally administered forms. One must remember to stick to the vitamin B12 dosage prescribed by the doctor most especially if it is being used as a therapy for a deficiency. To ensure safety, always consult a medical practitioner.

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